Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders for Craft Beer

Are you a brewer who has avoided using plastic can holders for your beer? Like a lot of people in our industry, you may worry that these holders pose an unnecessary threat to wildlife and the environment.

If this sounds familiar, there is good news: photodegradable plastic can holders are strong enough to keep your beer in place but isn’t going to harm Mother Nature.

What Are Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders?

In many ways, photodegradable plastic can holders are no different than those made from any other material. Their main function is to hold six beers in place, making them easy to carry around but also giving them up freely without a lot of effort.

At the same time, these plastic can holders are made from a type of plastic that was designed to quickly succumb to photodegradation.

In short, photodegradation refers to the process of any material breaking down because of exposure to ultraviolet rays. Just like other biodegradable materials, this plastic’s polymer chains fall apart when it is subjected to sunlight or another source of UV rays for a long enough period of time.

What Is the Main Benefit of Using Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders for Craft Beer?

You’ve probably heard before that plastic can holders pose a serious threat to the environment. You may have seen pictures of oceanic life that has been trapped or entangled in these holders, unable to break free and suffering a great deal.

Photodegradable plastic can holders were created to answer the public’s demand for a safer option so these kinds of things would quit happening. Many people would go to the trouble of cutting their rings up when they were finished with a six pack, as this would eliminate the chances of an animal getting caught trying to go through one of the rings.

But that doesn’t mean everyone did. Fortunately, photodegradable plastic can holders make the entire practice unnecessary.

As they can’t withstand UV rays, it doesn’t really matter where they end up. They’ll soon fall to pieces. Best of all, these pieces are non-toxic hydrocarbons. They can actually be good for the environment. Many people still cut up their plastic can holders so they can use the shreds as mulch for their gardens.

How Long Does It Take for Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders to Break Down?




2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks

The good news is that your plastic can holders won’t break down simply because they’re left outside during a day at the beach, camping trip, etc. These rings will only begin losing their structural integrity after continuous exposure to the sun.

That said, most forms of photodegradable plastic will begin losing its strength within the first week. In fact, after about 7 days, these holders should only have about 25% of their structural integrity remaining. At that point, they will be so brittle that minimal pressure would be required to completely rip through the plastic.

That remaining 25% will most likely only last another three weeks or so. At that point, rain, wind, or other natural forces would be more than enough to destroy what’s left of these weakened plastic can holders.

In colder environments or during the winter, the entire process can take longer – maybe even four months. Other factors, like latitude, may also prolong the process simply because it affects the amount of sunlight that the plastic will absorb.

Nonetheless, once the process starts, the plastic only poses a minimal risk to animals, one that continues to drop day after day.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that photodegradable plastic can holders are lighter than water. Therefore, if they were to end up in the ocean, they would remain at the surface where they would absorb maximum sunlight. There’s no chance that it would sink to darker depths, maintain its strength, and still threaten the creatures that live at those depths.

Of course, photodegradable plastic can holders are recyclable, too. So they don’t actually need to be in front of the sun or buried in your garden to serve as an environmentally-friendly product.

Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders Require Minimal Materials

Even though photodegradable plastic is obviously very environmentally friendly, it also helps that you don’t need much of it to create effective can holders for your beer. This means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, less waste, and minimal overall resource consumption.

At the same time, until the plastic begins degrading it is more than capable of holding six cans of beer in place for any amount of time. Going easy on the environment doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lower level of performance.

Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders Don’t Require Special Equipment

Finally, despite the many benefits of using photodegradable plastic can holders for your craft beer, you won’t need any special equipment in order to apply them to your products.

A simple six packer machine is enough. All you have to do is provide a small amount of pressure to apply the plastic to six cans at once. You could easily do this three times a minute.

Of course, if you have a greater volume you need to process, much larger beer packaging machines exist that can prepare hundreds of cans a minute.

Using Photodegradable Plastic Can Holders

As you can see, there’s really no reason not to use photodegradable plastic can holders for your beer. The entire craft beer industry is transitioning to cans for a number of reasons. With these plastic can holders, you can do the same without worrying about unnecessary overhead or hurting the environment.