Just like a fantastic beer, every successful brewery is made up of certain ingredients. First, passionate brewers need to put their love and expertise to work when creating the best possible beers. Of course, to do this, they need the highest quality ingredients. Then, there’s the equipment necessary to combine the two. This includes everything from the water treatment machines to tanks and brewhouses. Of course, they also need machines that can efficiently apply plastic can holders to the finished products. Without these, brewers wouldn’t be able to transport their canned beer very far. The same goes for their loyal customers. However, without the right machines, brewers end up wasting precious time and shouldering unnecessary overhead.

Mumm Craft’s Plastic Can Holder Application Machines

We started designing our machines back in 2002 when plastic can holders were first being used for craft beers. Since then, we’ve refined our designs and increased the number of machines we offer.

easy to use



Whether it’s our manual 6-packer machine or the industrial-strength 550 option, we designed them so they’re easy to operate. You’ve spent enough time learning to use the other equipment your brewery requires. With ours, you’ll get the performance you need without having to go through another giant manual.
high performance

High Performance

High Performance

We have machines that can apply rings to more than 300 cans an hour. Nonetheless, our large compact reels ensure that, even at these speeds, you can go more than five hours before you have to reload.



Even at these levels of production, our machines are designed to last. We know that successful breweries depend on equipment that won’t quit, so our machines are built to keep up with the most demanding of environments.
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6-Packer Machine

Applying plastic can holders doesn’t necessarily require a giant machine. If your operation doesn’t need that kind of production, our 6-Packer Machine is perfect for speeding up the process.

Works on Different Sizes

Our 6-Packer Machine will work with both 12- and 16-ounce beer cans. When using the Six Packer, Size #2 Perf-Pak six pack rings will hold virtually any size beverage can you want.
We also have different models for different capacities. There are models available that can accommodate 4-, 6-, and 8-packs.

Easy to Use

This machine could not be easier to use. Just load your beer cans into the base and the 6-Packer does the rest of the work in three simple steps:

  • Lower the lever to release the precision-made cones onto the cans.
  • Place 6-pack carrier over the cones.
  • Lower the lever again to press the carrier onto the can lids.

That’s literally all there is to it. Check out our video to the left to see for yourself.

350 Machine

For those breweries with entry-speed canning lines all the way up to intermediate operations, our 350 Machine will not disappoint. It can apply up to 60 plastic can holders a minute.

No Air or Water Required

Despite these impressive speeds, our 350 Machine doesn’t require any air or water to operate. Instead, we designed it to use a simple grounded 110v three-pronged wall plug (Note: It must be plugged into a Non- GFCI outlet).
There are no unnecessary overhead or secondary machines you need to monitor in order for it to work. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

12oz and 16oz Canning Capabilities

Our 350 machine can accommodate both sizes. Best of all, changing over only takes 10 minutes to do, so you can process two different can sizes without wasting precious time.

Lengthy Operation Before Reloading Is Necessary

Our compact reels can fit 3500 six-pack rings. So, even at 60 cans-per-minute, our 350 Machine is able to operate uninterrupted for 5.5 hours before it needs to be reloaded. This will save you time, labor, and costs.

450 machine

450 Machine

Our 450 machine is able to process more than 300 cans-per-minute, making it the ideal solution for breweries with intermediate- to high-speed canning lines. The inline design can even adapt to meet the requirement of line changes, including conveyor height and packaging direction.

No Air or Water Required

Although our 450 machine is able to support such high canning demands, you won’t need to use water or air to power it. Instead, all it requires is a Single Phase 30A @ 240 VAC. Simply plug it in and it’s ready to begin operating.

2 Different Canning Capabilities

The 450 machine can accommodate both 12 oz and 16 oz canning needs. Plus, the change-over process only takes five minutes. So you do can both types on the same day without slowing down production due to lengthy transition.

Lengthy Operation Before Reloading Is Necessary

Furthermore, even if you do reach 60 cans-per-minute, you can maintain this speed uninterrupted for 5.5 hours before you’ll need to reload because our compact reels contain 3500 six-pack rings. This will save you labor, time, and cost.

550 Machine

Breweries that require intermediate- to high-speed canning lines will have their needs met by our 550 Machine. It is able to apply plastic can holders more than 300 times per minute. With its inline design, this high-performing machine can adapt to line changes, including conveyor height and packaging direction.

No Air or Water Required

Our 550 machine is actually able to reach up to 300+ cans-per-minute without the use of air or water. So you don’t need to set up and monitor secondary machines to supply this type of fuel. All it takes is a Single Phase 30A @ 240 VAC for this machine to do its job.

3 Canning Capabilities

The 550 Machine can accommodate three sizes of cans:

  • 12 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 19 oz

The change-over process only takes five minutes, too. So if you need multiple sizes canned, there is no time wasted.

Lengthy Operation Before Reloading Is Necessary

Our compact reels hold 3500 six-pack rings. This ensures that you can apply 60 plastic can holders a minute and still not need to reload the 550 machine until after 5.5 hours. This will save you time, labor, and money.

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