450 Machine

/450 Machine

Speed and Flexibility

At up to 300+ cans-per-minute the 450 machine meets the needs of intermediate to high speed canning lines. The inline design adapts to line changes, including conveyor height and packaging direction.

No Air or Water Required
The Mumm 450 operates on Single Phase 30A @ 240 VAC.

12oz, 16oz and 19.2oz Capabilities
Can size change-over is a very quick 5 minute operation.

Long Reload Cycle
Our compact reels contain 3500 six pack rings so you will be running for extended periods before reloading. At 60 cans per minute you only have to change reels every 5.5 hours. That saves labor, time and cost.

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The NEW 450 is the next generation of our rotary applied carrier machines for canning production lines. The high speed unit applies rings at a rate of 300+ cans per minute utilizing a straight-through conveyor design. Quick changeover allows for adjusting to 12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz can format within minute. It uses the industry leading photodegradable carrier rings offered only by Mumm Products.

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Yes ring carriers can be included in local recycling programs and wherever #4 LDPE or mixed plastics are collected. This is the most environmental friendly way to recycle your rings. In the event they are accidentally discarded they are fully photodegradable.

One reel.

3,500 six pack ring carriers.

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