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/350 Machine

Speed and Flexibility

At up to 60 cans-per-minute the 350 machine meets the needs of entry speed canning lines on up to intermediate operations.

No Air or Water Required
The Mumm 350 machine operates on a simple grounded 110v three-pronged wall plug. Note: must be plugged into a Non-GFCI outlet.

Both 12oz and 16oz Capabilities
Can size change-over is a very quick 10 minute operation.

Long Reload Cycle
Our compact reels contain 3500 six pack rings so you will be running for extended periods before reloading. At 60 cans per minute you only have to change reels every 5.5 hours. That saves labor, time and cost.

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The 350 machine uses proven rotary technology to free up a person from applying the carrier, meeting the needs of entry speed canning operations. it's designed to be flexible to adapt to line changes, including conveyor height and package direction. The machine can easily change between different pack multiples, and different can sizes. As with cans compared to bottles, the recyclable carrier it applies utilize less material than other packing options, resulting in the use of less energy, less water, and resulting in less waste. The ring carriers are also photodegradable to protect wildlife.

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Yes ring carriers can be included in local recycling programs and wherever #4 LDPE or mixed plastics are collected. This is the most environmental friendly way to recycle your rings. In the event they are accidentally discarded they are fully photodegradable.

3,500 six pack ring carriers.

As the cans enter the 350 machine they will either take a left 90 degree or right 90 degree discharge.

We do not directly finance or lease machines but we work with JM Funding. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Yes there is a 12 month limited warranty included.

Length-54”, Width- 35”, Height- 71” at 36” conveyor height but adjustable.

Typically around 8-10 weeks from receipt of deposit depending on existing build schedule.

The machine requires a simple standard 110 v non-GFI wall outlet. The machine does not use pneumatics. Voltage: 110-120 VAC, Service amps: 12 @ 110 VAC.

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