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We feature the Mumm 350 machine. It automatically applies rings at a rate of up to 60 cans per minute directly from the back of your canning line. Drive down your labor cost and increase your efficiency. Get a sneak peek at how the 350 machine works by watching the video below, or visit the 350 Machine page to see the full video.
Mumm Six Packer MachineLearn More
Allows you to manually apply 4, 6 or 8 pack rings. Applies rings at up to 25-30 cans per minute. A great machine on your line as you are starting to can at your brewery.
Mumm CRAFT Products has been in the business of providing Craft Brewery’s carrier ring products and application devices for over 10 years. We make it easy for brewery’s to obtain the lowest cost packaging available to make their 4, 6, and 8 pack packs. Our rings are photodegradable and are tested and recommended by three of the major conservancy organizations, Leave No Trace, Ocean Conservancy and Sustainable Packaging. Check out these videos to see a bit of what we do!
350 Machine
Six Packer Machine
  • Iron Heart
    Tyler Wille

    We have been operating with our automated ring applying machine for several months now and I am extremely happy with our experience. We love the machine! The guys at Mumm worked with us intently over the last few months to turn this machine from an in-house unit, into something that fits perfectly into our mobile operation. They added castors and a bracing/jacking system similar to our canning line, so we can really put it anywhere.

  • Ocean Conservancy
    Ocean Conservancy

    We make it a priority to follow the strict guidelines of the Ocean Conservancy

  • Leave No Trace
    Leave No Trace

    We make it a priority to follow the strict guidelines of Leave No Trace

  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition
    Sustainable Packaging Coalition

    We make it a priority to follow the strict guidelines of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Our Goals
  • 1

    Provide the best possible solution for local Craft Breweries to apply ring carrier products as part of their packaging lines. We strive to be the most cost effective and operationally efficient method available to the industry.

  • 2

    Provide the most environmentally conscious and safe packaging method in the industry. Our pledge is to consistently have reliable packaging products, meet or exceed all government standards of recycling and safe disposal of our carriers and continue to participate in the industries efforts to be friendly to and preserve our precious environment.

  • 3

    Continue to assist our Craft Brewery clients grow their businesses through being a reliable and forward looking partner conscious of their needs and consistently looking to innovation to help them grow.

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